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Raising Vibrations

Yesterday, 11/11, at 11:00 am, I participated in a global silent meditation. It was streamed on YouTube and hosted by Jason Shurka and Lorie Ladd. It was also live on…

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Perception: Good vs. Evil

Some say we are in the midst of a spiritual war — good vs. evil. If it’s really a war, who/what are we fighting? Are there evil entities that can…

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How to Break the Spell?

In just six months, the world has turned upside down. Fear and propaganda have paralyzed the masses. The media replay orchestrated chaos to keep you distracted, angry, and anxious. Afraid…

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connect with your spirit self
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Connect with Your Spirit

We humans are much more than we’ve been conditioned to think we are. Free yourself  and step into your power. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. I’m sure…

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