Show Trial and Illusions

Last night, after the Chauvin verdict was announced, I was reading the charged-up responses on a discussion forum and it was so clear to me that some people are completely at the mercy of media propaganda. Said propaganda only exists to manipulate your emotions. Stop giving your energy to it.

The propagandists scan online reactions, alter the messaging, and adjust the narrative as necessary to achieve the desire outcome. The result: negative discourse and people feeling angry and powerless.

In reality, when it comes to these types of “newsworthy” events, all you really have is your perception of what did/didn’t happen in a circulated video. My take is this:  I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what really happened. Therefore, what’s the point in arguing and getting all discombobulated?

To me, this trial was just another circus for the masses.  A show trial to validate the illusion.  Some find comfort in the weird verdict, but I think it’s probably anti-climactic for many, after the orchestrated riots and idiocy of last year. To me, there was no point in even going through the motions of a trial.  A year ago, the media (corporate and social) gave the pubic their perception and told them how they should feel about it. 

The stage was set to trigger the “cops are killing young black men” crowd.  I’ll never understand that disconnect when, in reality, more “young black men” are killed by other “young black men” than cops. 

Sure, there are racist cops, just like there are racist lawyers, judges, teachers, celebrities, and news personalities. A lot of folks in this country are disturbed, confused, and full of hate.  Those who control the narrative know that. They work day and night to keep folks hating each other.

As for this case, too much of it was sketchy from day one. To me, the video looked staged and poorly acted.  Then, I found out that both men worked together as security guards at the same nightclub and I also heard they were both selling drugs out of the club.  I believed, then and now, that there is much more to this story than what was portrayed…we are watching a movie. 

Last year, I was dumb-founded when my father told me that he spent three hours watching the funeral of this man he didn’t even know. I didn’t say anything to him because I know he’s experienced racism and has a lot of bitterness and anger inside.  Watching “them honor him” somehow made him feel better. Okay.

Everyone has their own pain. Some people act out their pain in horrible ways.  The media plays on that. Whatever it takes to create negative emotions.  They’ve done this to extremes in this past year; with multiple staged events.  Some folks have been driven to psychosis by TV and social media.

Public opinion is tracked and manipulated 24/7.   The swaying of public opinion has always existed, and there have always been folks who spoke out against the lies. The media, even in its most primitive forms, has always labeled those who challenged the official story as lunatics, heretics, conspiracy theorists, etc.

It’s mind control. Nothing else.  You are conditioned to believe the stories that “authorities” tell you because…well, they’re authorities, right?  How dare you challenge authoritative consensus and think for yourself?!

It’s funny, and sad, that people only get outraged about the things they are told to be outraged over?  Look at those terrible people over there!  Look at that bad man!   The “authorities” only give direction when it suits their agenda.  Everything else is completely ignored.   You should be outraged that those damned anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers are killing everyone.  But it’s perfectly okay for American soldiers to fly to other countries and murder millions of innocent people. We need their oil, right? 

In the year 2020, parasitic psychopaths orchestrated the illusion of a boogeyman virus and scared the masses with pandemic lies and distortions. Conflicting “guidelines” and ambiguous “statistics” were spread to create confusion and fear. It was an almost-perfect execution planned and carried out on a global scale.  Now they’re pushing an experimental injection to the same fearful masses, promising the illusion of “safety.” Where will it end?

Is our hindsight 20/20?  Will we get to the point where we can look back and clearly see through the illusions?  Will we all wake up and see that everything humans have believed for thousands of years is false?

I have no answers.  After the past year of watching people blindly follow the dictates of criminals and liars, I don’t know what to say anymore.  But, I do know that truth will always be revealed. Eventually.

As for the show trial, let’s wait and see what comes to light down the road. After the fake protests, staged riots, rigged election, fear mongering, and threats, maybe folks will just get tired of it all, turn off the TV, and exit the Matrix.

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