Connect with Your Spirit

We humans are much more than we’ve been conditioned to think we are. Free yourself  and step into your power.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. I’m sure you’ve heard that statement before. If you’re a religious person, you probably feel a little cognizant dissonance when you hear that. Why? It goes against your programming.

As energetic beings, we each have a unique vibrational frequency. Through our interactive relationship with the Universe, we experience the manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs. Quantum physicists have found evidence of this and they confirm that we really do create our experiences with our thoughts. That’s why the battle for our minds has been fought for so long and so fiercely. Those who want to control our reality need only to control our minds.

Whoever/whatever is controlling this matrix we call reality has manipulated human minds for eons. Through religion, government, the media, the educational system, financial systems, and other constructs, we are told what to think, what to believe, who to trust, and what to focus our energy on.

Religion – The Oldest Form of Mind Control
The word religion comes from the Latin religio, meaning “to bind.” From day one, religions were designed to restrict, control, and bind the masses.

I went to Catholic schools for 12 years. My mother thought I would get a better education in Catholic school. I am thankful for the academic environment. All the while, however, I was subjected to Religion class and forced to listen to ridiculous made-up stories. Even as a child, I didn’t buy it.

We were told repeatedly that, “Jesus died for your sins.” My response: Jesus didn’t know me. I wasn’t even born yet and hadn’t committed any sins. This is dumb. I rejected the idea that I had been “born a sinner” and I surely didn’t believe the “immaculate conception”  or “resurrection” stories. When I questioned the Nun, all she said was, “You have to have faith.” Just believe.

“Belief is the code that translates invisible energy (waves) of Plank’s Matrix into visible matter (particles).” – Greg Braden

It took me many years to come to the realization that all religions are false. Any construct based on fear is false. In truth, we are vibrant beings with unlimited power, directly connected to Source/God/Creator/Universe.

You are Energy
Your energetic self, or spirit self, is eternal. It’s within you and has been all along. You only need to become aware of it. Some people have learned to connect with spirit through meditation. Others may have had an out-of-body experience that brought it home. For me, it took many years of reading, soul-searching, asking the Universe for guidance, and making a conscious effort. Quieting your ego/mind chatter is the key to connecting with that energetic awareness.

Reprogram Your Mind
Although there is darkness around us and within us, humanity is in the midst of a spiritual recalibration right now. So many are waking up to the truth of who/what we really are. We have unlimited creative potential. We are the embodiment of love, the highest vibrational frequency.

When you connect to your spirit, you will make choices from the vibration of love and learn to reprogram your fearful ego/mind. There is nothing to fear.

The truth has been hidden from us for so long. But, when we remove the mental shackles and allow ourselves to be transformed within, our external reality will shift to reflect that transformation.

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