How to Break the Spell?

In just six months, the world has turned upside down. Fear and propaganda have paralyzed the masses. The media replay orchestrated chaos to keep you distracted, angry, and anxious. Afraid of a fake pandemic, afraid of war, afraid of your fellow humans, afraid of death, afraid of life.

The TV-watching public and social media junkies are the most disturbing. They repeat the soundbites and catch phrases that have been embedded in their minds. Never questioning the talking heads. Never trying to do any research of their own. When you challenge their beliefs and offer a different perspective, they call you a conspiracy theorist. You can’t blame them; that’s what they’ve been told to think. Like children, taught to ridicule others.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”
~ Jim Morrison

It’s trauma-induced insanity. People hiding behind silly masks; walking into oncoming traffic to put six feet between them and another human passing on the sidewalk. Torturing innocent children with the idea that everything and everyone is contaminated and to be feared. I tell you, some days, it’s hard to remain calm and not lash out in anger at the idiocy.

How can people not see through this farce? They seem to be under a spell. I truly believe that a satanic spell has been cast. Folks have always talked about the dark forces ruling this planet with rituals and doublespeak. It sounds far-fetched, but so is telling billions of people to stay at home and hide from a virus.

These dark forces created the matrix we live in. Some say it’s the global cabal, the illuminati, the masons, etc.; but, I think those groups are serving other masters that few speak of.  I’ve heard random comments about this over the years from folks who were connected to powerful people. I have no proof, but I definitely think it’s possible. Who are these entities? What are they? They are obviously anti-human, as their actions are in direct conflict with life itself.

There have been many things written about how a spiritual awakening will end the rule of the dark entities. That awakening, I believe, is the reason for the insanity that has overtaken the planet. Are the evildoers going all out to disrupt the advancement of the human race?

Sure, these entities may have a plan to prevent an awakening and further enslave the planet, but I don’t believe the plan will work. In spite of the brainwashing, fear, and divisive tactics we have been subjected to, we – the collective human organism – can turn everything around.

We are powerful beings. That power is within you, not outside of you. It doesn’t come from governments or religions or so-called leaders. Your existence is not defined by anyone outside of yourself. Stop letting complete strangers control your mind. Break the spell.

How? Well, for starters, stop giving your energy to the fear-based narrative. Turn off the TV for a week. Stay off social media for a week. Just decide, for seven days, to keep your mind free of the programming. I guarantee you will feel lighter, happier, empowered, and more willing to look at things from a different perspective. If your intention is to awaken, the Universe will show you how.

Meanwhile, I’ll go about my days, maskless, bringing light to others the best way I can. I offer a smile and a few words to make a fellow human feel good. Although their smile is hidden behind the mask, I see the eyes light up as their fear subsides for a few seconds. And, those who are unmasked are as happy to see me as I am them! It can get lonely out there.

I remind myself, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Those who choose to awaken will. It is not my responsibility to change anyone’s mind…I can only acknowledge and respect a fellow spirit on the path. I can also hold their hand as we walk together.


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