Raising Vibrations

Yesterday, 11/11, at 11:00 am, I participated in a global silent meditation. It was streamed on YouTube and hosted by Jason Shurka and Lorie Ladd. It was also live on Instagram and Fakebook.

After a brief intro by Jason and Lorie, we sat quietly and focused on sending positive energy into the universe. It was a refreshing and powerful 15 minutes and people posted wonderful comments. We need more of this.  With so much negativity and hate being blasted through the media airwaves, we need to counter that with compassion and peace.  It is only when we come together in love that we can dismantle the fear-based control systems.  Many people are still lost and unaware of their power.

We are spiritual beings. Energetic beings. When we focus our energy on oneness and light, it sends a ripple throughout the matrix and helps to create positive change. The light shines bright and dismantles the false narratives, corruption, and lies. I hold faith that, when truth is seen by the collective, we can shatter the illusions. Working together we will raise the vibrational frequency of earth and create a better world.

This is such an important time for the human race. We are awakening to our true power and each one of us has a part to play.  You can watch the stream from yesterday below and add your own energy to keep it going. There’s another one planned for 12/12.


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