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brain damage
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Brain Damage

The human race has brain damage.  Some call it mass psychosis.  Call it what you want, but it’s obvious that a significant minority has reached the point of insanity. Are…

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Intelligence is Spreading…We Hope!

Another great video from Awaken with JP.  He always brings truth and light to this insane world.

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CDC Adjusts Numbers. Um…Ok

I’m sharing a video below posted on AwakenwithJP‘s YouTube channel today.  Sometimes, he’s really funny; sometimes, not so much. This one cracked me up! He’s spoofing the CDC’s recently adjusted…

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The Genius of George Carlin

I always loved George Carlin and wish he was still around. He was a brilliant man, wide awake and fearlessly cutting through the bullshit.   If he was alive today,…

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