Where Are We?

We’re about 18 months into the illusion. A year and a half of nonstop psychological manipulation. Ridiculous media headlines and fake statistics, idiotic mandates, contradictory guidelines, a relentless push for an experimental injection, constant fear porn about a made up disease that’s never been proven to exist. And now, the rising threat of imaginary “variants.” Clown world in full effect.

I keep asking myself how long will people allow this to keep going? Truth be told, I had more hope in 2020. Sure, a lot of folks are waking up enough to at least consider the possibility that they’ve been lied to. But, many are still afraid. Waiting for a so-called authority to tell them they’re safe. That will never happen. The insanity will not end until we, individually and collectively, decide to stand in our power and stop playing along.

Yes, we are powerful. In spite of what the system has convinced you to believe, you are a powerful being and we are co-creators in this life.

Because you are so powerful, the controllers use multiple ways to convince you that you’re not – media, government, education, religion, entertainment, and medicine. All of these industries exist to distract you with a false reality.

I tell people all of the time, “Turn off the TV and get off of social media and you’ll be a much happier person.” But, like addicts they can’t imagine life without the daily/hourly fix. They’d rather be lost in the fake reality on the screen, with its constant stream of negativity, than look within themselves and connect with their own individual power.

In the same way, some people would rather put their health and life in the hands of drug-pushing doctors. Taking pills and potions that do nothing but weaken their body, mind, and spirit.

Why are 80% of people in this country on pharmaceuticals? Why do a quarter of a million people die every year from the effects of said pharmaceuticals? Why would any thinking human allow him/herself to be subjugated in this way? The answer to all of these questions is fear. Fear will cause you to feel that you are powerless, your body is weak, and you need this “treatment” to get better. Even if it kills you.

This past year, the government allocated a two-trillion-dollar budget to convince you to take their experimental injection. They’ve used fear, guilt, bribes, and threats of exclusion from society; a full-on attack on your free will. Many gave in to the pressure and signed up to be test subjects.  A substantial number have had extreme negative reactions; many died.  But, in spite of the media and government propaganda, the majority resisted and will continue to resist.

That’s where we are. Where do you stand?

Here’s the thing: I don’t know anyone who died from the boogeyman virus. Personally, I had an extreme reaction to something in 2019.  The most intense respiratory illness I’ve ever experienced.  It was before the coordinated global marketing campaign, so I didn’t have a name to attach to it.  All I knew was my lungs were trying to expel something…violently.  I felt like every cell in my being was fighting to get rid of whatever it was. I got better. After that experience, I have complete faith in the power of my immune system/mind.

In contrast, I personally know people who got sick from the experimental shots and wound up in the hospital. I also personally know two people with relatives who died after being “fully vaccinated.” The controllers would dismiss this as anecdotal evidence that’s not based on “research” or “expert opinion.” But, in my opinion—the only one that really matters to me—real life experience is more true and valid than any bogus statistics and fear-inducing lies spewed by talking heads on a screen.

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