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brain damage
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Brain Damage

The human race has brain damage.  Some call it mass psychosis.  Call it what you want, but it’s obvious that a significant minority has reached the point of insanity. Are…

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where are we
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Where Are We?

We’re about 18 months into the illusion. A year and a half of nonstop psychological manipulation. Ridiculous media headlines and fake statistics, idiotic mandates, contradictory guidelines, a relentless push for…

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show trial and illusions
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Show Trial and Illusions

Last night, after the Chauvin verdict was announced, I was reading the charged-up responses on a discussion forum and it was so clear to me that some people are completely…

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CHD Article on Big-Picture Look at Current Pandemic Beneficiaries

I’m sharing another informative article from the Children’s Health Defense Team.  The original article includes many, many links.  Educate yourself. Titled “Planned Surveillance and Control by Global Technocrats: A Big-Picture…

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The Case of the Bogus Test

Truth is spreading like a wildfire! More and more people are standing up and speaking out, in spite of the corporate/social media attempts to silence truth-tellers. Why is the media…

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COVID-19 is a Smokescreen for 5G Radiation Sickness

Great article posted today by Edward Hendrie of Green Mountain Publishing. It pulls together important details you might not be aware of that  directly contradict the media lies and hysteria…

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There is No Virus

Below is a recent video featuring David Icke and his son Gareth. It’s a good conversation and I think people should see it. It’s the kind of video that I…

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TV News in Lockstep

The American renaissance begins with the unified revolutionary act of turning off and smashing the television, rejecting Hollywood on all fronts and refusing to intellectually ingest the toxic force feed…

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53 Admitted False Flag Attacks

In honor of the anniversary of 9/11, here’s a list of 53 admitted false flag attacks compiled by Global Research – Center for Research on Globalization. Here are 2 of…

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9/11 vis-a-vis C19

I clearly remember September 11, 2001. It was a beautiful, peaceful morning. I was sitting at my computer when I saw a headline saying one of the Twin Towers had…

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