Brain Damage

The human race has brain damage.  Some call it mass psychosis.  Call it what you want, but it’s obvious that a significant minority has reached the point of insanity. Are you infected?

I’ve been a believer in the “Great Awakening.” I have had faith that we, individually and collectively, would wake up, rise up, and free ourselves from the matrix we’ve been trapped in. That faith has been shaken in the past 24 months. A level of fear-based mind control and behavior modification that I didn’t think was possible has turned a segment of the population into zombie-like characters who seem incapable of a logical thought. I don’t watch the news, but I can tell when I go to the grocery store and all of a sudden half of the people are wearing masks again. I say to myself, ‘What’s the TV telling them now?’

Many were coming out of their psychosis and then, boom! Ukraine happened and here we go again. The media didn’t skip a beat; same fear, different boogieman. Russian is bad! We have to save Ukraine! Give me a fucking break. What about all of the millions of people that U.S. bombs have killed. Nobody seems too concerned about them.

What’s funny, and sad, to me is, I remember in elementary school we had to do “bomb drills” because big, bad Russia was going to drop bombs on us. We had to go into the basement “bomb shelter” and hide under desks. I remember thinking, ‘This little desk is not going to protect me from anything.’ It made no sense. It wasn’t supposed to. The purpose of the drills was to create the illusion and instill the fear of unknown people in a country far away.

It’s classic brainwashing. Create an illusion and repeat it over and over until it’s seen as truth. Once people accept the lie, they’re open to manipulation. The lies get bigger and more preposterous. Like the idea that a man in a cave on the other side of the world orchestrated the destruction of three buildings in New York. Why?Because we’re free. They hate us because we’re free! *Sigh*

People have to know deep down that they are being lied to. Then again, fear is a helluva drug. When you get emotionally caught up in a false reality, your fear will keep feeding it no matter how much contradictory information is presented. You hold on tight to the lie. It has to be true because you can’t face the idea that you were hoodwinked.

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. ~ Mark Twain

Two years ago, they created the illusion of a pandemic. It was globally orchestrated, but we were told it was a random “novel” thing. That was obviously bullshit. Then, they created the illusion of a miracle injection that would save you from the made-up disease. Then, the illusion of “variants” and “mutations” to cover up the sickness that the miracle injections were causing. People kept falling for every lie. Each one more nonsensical than the last.

Now, they’ve created the illusion of a war and, just like they used staged events and headlines to convince you there was a deadly pandemic, they’re using fake images and headlines to convince you there’s a deadly war going on and we should all be afraid…of Russia! Hide under your desk!

The media and governments around the world have been on full attack for two years now. Everything is inverted. Upside down.  Why do people keep believing the lying liars?  If you’re arguing about something on “the news” – taking sides in a situation rife with lies – because the media gave you that point of view, you are part of the problem.


Like I said in the beginning, it’s brain damage. Are you infected? Here’s how to tell:

  1. You still wear a mask so you can feel “safe”
  2. You allow your children to be injected with synthetic toxins that can cause them serious harm
  3. You trust phony “experts” and make excuses for their lies and contradictions
  4. You think the government cares about your health
  5. You hate Russia and all of its people because the TV told you to
  6. You think it’s normal when a mentally ill man dresses like a woman and wants to be called “Rachel”
  7. You get angry when governors end unlawful “mandates”
  8. This article makes you uncomfortable

If you’re uncomfortable, I don’t care.  I’m tired of this bullshit.

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