Perception: Good vs. Evil

Some say we are in the midst of a spiritual war — good vs. evil. If it’s really a war, who/what are we fighting? Are there evil entities that can be destroyed? Or, are we fighting ourselves?

The history books tell us that man has always been at war in some way. But, history is written by men who aim to control perceptions.

Our perception should be defined by our experience; not given to us by others. Yet, we allow strangers on screens to tell us who we are and what reality is. We are told this is good, that is bad. Our perceptions are manipulated and the battle for our minds rages on. Does the battle only exist in our minds?

Why Do We Fight Each Other?

Too many of us continue to fall for the us vs. them construct. It’s time to move past that and disengage from the concept of polarity. The idea that we are separate may seem logical, but in truth, it only divides us. The technocrats who control the corporate and social media  know this; they have perfected the manipulation of polarity and mind control. Through algorithms and bots, our thoughts and perceptions are created and guided.  We have collectively allowed and participated in this.

For instance, you write a social media post or comment to express your current perceptions and beliefs. The ever-vigilant algorithms will draw the like-minded into your sphere. Eventually, you have an echo chamber of others who hold the same beliefs. In that chamber, groupthink thrives. Those who have a different perspective are ridiculed, insulted, and banished. There can be no discussion or debate. There is no common ground. The lines have already been drawn in your mind.

Me vs. You
Us vs. Them
White vs. Black
Man vs. Woman
Democrat vs. Republican
Christian vs. Muslim
Left vs. Right

Vaxxer vs. Anti-Vaxxer
Masker vs. Anti-Masker
The list goes on and on…

These are all illusions. Although we think the made-up labels define and empower us, the truth is, they only take us away from who we really are. We are powerful co-creators aligned with the vibrational frequency of the earth. We are all expressions of universal consciousness and creation. There can be no separation.

Is There Such a Thing as Good vs. Evil?

In my lifetime, I’ve seen good and bad in everyone. Each of us is a microcosm within the macrocosm. Everything that exists in the universe exists within us. We have unlimited potential and that potential can go either way. That’s why people express fear and outrage at the inhumane acts of others. Deep down, we know that the same potential exists in us.

The key is balance; like yin and yang. Right now, the world is out of balance. Has the world ever been in balance? I believe in the beginning it probably was. Then again, I wasn’t there, so I can’t really say for sure. I can, however, imagine an abundant world completely in balance.  I can also imagine that we are on the way to that state of being.

If you’re paying attention, you can see that the old system is dysfunctional and breaking down. I believe that’s the reason for the current level of insanity. People seem to be losing their minds as the terrain shifts and the veil thins. Perhaps we are co-creating this experience to free ourselves from our collective pain. Maybe we need intense, frequency-disturbing chaos to shatter the matrix. The way a baby bird has to crack and break through its shell to step into a new reality and learn to fly.

I do believe that we have to face one truth: all of the things we call evil have been allowed by us, individually and collectively, for a long time. From wars and diseases to pedophilia and child murders to financial slavery and unfathomable levels of corruption, we have allowed it all. It’s only when we face the darkness within ourselves that the light can lead us to a new path.

Perhaps We Are at War with Ourselves.

The evildoers – also a part of us – have diabolical plans for humanity. But, their plan can only come to fruition if we allow it to be so. That’s why so much effort goes into controlling your perception and keeping you frozen in fear, thinking you have no choice. There’s always a choice. Choose love, not fear.

Think of the times in your life when you chose to not speak up about something because you were afraid of the consequences. Many of us have allowed our fellow humans to destroy life, drop bombs on innocents, poison water and food, and pump toxins into the air and soil. Why? Faulty perception? Fear? Greed? Maybe it’s simply not wanting to be ridiculed and banished from the group.

We may or may not be in the midst of a spiritual war, but there is surely a collective shift happening. Many are waking up to the truth. We can no longer cling to false realities and fear-based perceptions. We can no longer passively allow our fellow humans to suffer. You/We are not powerless. Free yourself. Free us all.

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