Race: It’s Not Black and White

Race is a false construct developed in the late 1600’s that people are still clinging to 400 years later. It’s time to step away from the illusion.

The idea of “race“ is just that…an idea. It only exists in the mind. Let that seep into your mental space. Ignore your emotional resistance and just let the thought sit for awhile. Then, from that perspective, look at how you’ve responded to certain situations in your life. Would you have responded differently if you hadn’t been acting on a false belief?

This post is not to deny that there is racism. I am asking you to entertain the possibility that the concept of “race” that you have been conditioned to identify with, for a lifetime, is completely false. Any resulting “racism” is based on an illusory construct. That’s the truth. Only you can decide how you react to it.

There was an interesting documentary released in 2003 called “Race: The Power of An Illusion,” that addresses this concept. It was produced by California Newsreel and you can visit the website at racepowerofanillusion.org. You can also stream segments of the documentary on Vimeo.

We are living in interesting times. I want to share the revised Encylopedia Brittanica entry on “Race,” which can be found here:

There are no genes that can identify distinct groups that accord with the conventional race categories. In fact, DNA analyses have proved that all humans have much more in common, genetically, than they have differences. The genetic difference between any two humans is less than 1 percent. Moreover, geographically widely separated populations vary from one another in only about 6 to 8 percent of their genes.

Because of the overlapping of traits that bear no relationship to one another (such as skin colour and hair texture) and the inability of scientists to cluster peoples into discrete racial packages, modern researchers have concluded that the concept of race has no biological validity.

“The concept of race has no biological validity.” Forget the propaganda and fake science that misinformed your ancestors. Everyone was fooled.

Where Did it Come From?
The “race” construct was a key component in the propaganda circulated to get the public to accept the enslavement of other human beings. Slavery had existed around the world for ages, but the American slave trade was the first to be based on race.

In the late 17th century, Englishmen, seeing the potential profit in the slave trade, needed a way to convince the poor colonists that Africans were “heathens” who were inferior and, therefore, most suitable for slavery. Up until that time, Africans were respected farmers and businessmen who participated in commerce. But, the opportunity to “import” Africans for free labor required creative and diabolical tactics.

Those same English landowners had first tried to enslave the Irish and “Indians.” Apparently, neither made good slaves. Neither did the poor people who had come from England as indentured servants.

But the Africans were seen as a potentially valuable component in capitalistic goals. All the rich and powerful men had to do was convince the common folk that these darker people were inferior and, therefore, it was perfectly fine to force them to be slaves.

It’s interesting that they called them “negro” which means “black” in Spanish and Portugese. This is the first clue to the illusion. All other groups of people are named according to their origin country/land – Chinese from China, Italians from Italy, Germans from Germany. There is no country or land called Negro.

So, they created a “race,” gave them a name, and proceeded to launch a campaign to convince people that slavery was a good thing. In those days, the propaganda machine wasn’t as sophisticated as it is now. I’m sure it took longer to get everyone to fully embrace the idea; probably a generation or two. But this new classification of Africans was doomed to perpetual servitude, along with their descendants. Eventually, the term Negro was also applied to “free blacks.”

In the early 19th century, the Negro was referred to as a savage; in the same way the Irish had been 200 hundred years prior and the “Indians” before that. Dehumanizing people in order to take advantage of them is a well-worn modus operandi; even today. Do you remember how Arabs were dehumanized leading up to 9/11?

Where To Now?
So, here we are in 2020, with a ton of collective ancestral pain to heal and karmic debt to clear.  How do you resolve centuries of anger, hate, and fear? Who can you blame? The original perpetrators are long gone, but their legacy is perpetuated in the media, on TV, in movies, and in the music industry.

On the one hand, many “whites” are still convinced that they are superior; although most know, in their hearts, that they’re not.  The knowledge that they have willingly played along and benefited from discrimination and injustice contributes to the so-called “white guilt.” On the other hand, many “blacks” are convinced that they will never be treated fairly; that their pain will never be acknowledged. For some, it’s ingrained so deeply that it keeps them trapped in mental anguish and rage.

We all need to understand that we are dealing with generational subconscious beliefs, planted in our minds in childhood, by adults, and manifested in our life experiences. This subconscious imbalance can only be healed on an individual level. In other words, it’s a mental disease that only you can heal, within yourself.  We all have to do the inner work first, then the outer will change.

Cancel the Construct
The social construct of race, and it’s associated racism, has been embedded in the matrix system too long. In my lifetime, I’ve seen the battle go on and on with circular arguments. Sure, things are better than they were 300 years ago, but there are still too many folks walking around with a distorted self image; hating their fellow humans because they’ve been told that they should. They believe they have no choice.

It’s an illusion.  Like every other illusion, you can choose to free yourself from it. If you refuse to recognize that and adjust your perspective, you are either 1) clinging to victim status or, 2) clinging to guilt and shame.  Whatever you’re clinging to, it’s time to let that shit go.

No matter where you are in this game, the current climate requires your participation and input.  Where we go one, we go all. When we each deal with our individual pain and karma, the collective can be healed. That’s about as black and white as it gets.

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