Spanish Doctor Surprises Journalist with Truth

“The first thing we need to do is vaccinate against fear because of all the social panic we have created.” ~ Dr. Luis de Benito, Madrid, Spain

A news channel in Madrid, Spain didn’t get what they expected from Dr. Luis de Benito’s interview responses. The female journalist was trying to force the pandemic narrative and talk about overflowing hospitals and vaccines, but the doctor calmly set her straight.

Then the male journalist jumped in, obviously angry about losing control of the interview. Too funny. I’m sure American corporate media would never allow anyone to be interviewed without prepping them beforehand with questions and acceptable answers.

It’s so refreshing to see doctors and nurses around the world finding the courage to speak up and squash the nonsense!

If you can’t handle the subtitles, you can read a full transcript here. Many thanks to the Syrian Observatory for Human Wrongs for providing that!

Video uploaded by Ivor Cummins.


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