Lose the Fear

Fear makes most people irrational, illogical, non-pragmatic, ridiculous and even stupid. Yes, stupid is a harsh judgment but is it wrong judgement? ~ Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Why Are We So Afraid?
We are born fearless. We are taught to be afraid. From childhood, many of us are told that the world is a dangerous place. We absorb the fears of our parents and look to them to protect us from the boogieman.  Convinced that we are powerless, we willingly let others control us. We buy into the illusion that only someone or something outside of us can keep us “safe” from the scary world.

We go to school and we’re told we must obey authority or we won’t be safe. We can’t possibly have the ability to think for ourselves, right?

We leave the education/indoctrination system to go to work for another “authority.” We must be good employees and follow the rules. When we obey, we are safe.

We abide by ridiculous laws and regulations made-up by invisible others. It’s for our safety.

We look to the media for the latest things to fear. Like addicts needing a fix.  If we just do what the government tells us to do, we’ll be safe.

We eat processed food and microwaved crap, even though it makes us sick. If it wasn’t safe, they wouldn’t let us have it, right?

We put our lives in the hands of drug-pushing doctors, even though they’re the 3rd leading cause of death. Doctor knows best.

“Anything the medical profession says, do the opposite 99 percent of the time and you’ll be right.”
~ Aajonus Vonderpanitz

We allow doctors to inject our babies with poisons from the day they’re born. When I was a child, we all got one shot (MMR) in elementary school. Children today get more than 70 vaccinations by the time they graduate. And, they’re more sick than they’ve ever been. But, manufacturers say the vaccines are safe.

NOTE:  On August 24, 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services published an amendment to their March 17, 2020 Declaration. This amendment allows pharmacists to administer vaccines to children aged 3-18. Read it here. The Declaration extends full immunity from liability. Do you feel safe, now?

Speaking of vaccines, why is it that people who speak out against pharmaceuticals and vaccines are ridiculed and labelled anti-vaxxers? Perhaps, because a multi-trillion dollar industry that requires the willing participation of the uninformed masses will attempt to discredit anyone who gets in the way of their profits.

If you do nothing else in 2020, do some serious research on vaccines here and here. Also, look into the global domination of pharmaceutical companies. You’ll be surprised to learn how far and deep the tentacles of Big Pharma reach.

Lose the Fear. Take Your Power Back.
The first step toward finding the truth is accepting the possibility that everything you’ve been told is a lie.  Educate yourself before your fear kills you. Take responsibility for your health and your life. And, please don’t teach your children to be afraid. It’s cruel.

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