Google is Not Your Friend

I’m old enough to remember a world without Big Tech dominance. In the early days of the public internet, things were wide open. There were informative websites offering alternative news and views. We had lively discussion forums on every topic imaginable, with intelligent arguments coherently typed by people who knew the difference between there, their, and they’re. And, you could read and read without being bombarded with ads and popups everywhere.  There were also several open search engines. Then came the googlebots.

It was amazing to me how quickly google evolved from the name of the newest search engine to a verb. Instead of doing a search for something, you would “Google it.” Brand marketing at its finest.

Image by Ron Amadeo

Whenever a company comes to dominate an industry overnight, globally pushed as the thing, you can pretty much bet that the CIA, NSA, or some other alphabet agency is behind it.  Ironically, Google’s parent company is named Alphabet.  Google rose to dominance in search the same way that Microsoft crept in and took over the PC world overnight; by giving the snoops a back door into your data.

At its core, Google is still just a search engine. The thing is, most people don’t understand how a search engine works. They don’t realize it’s based on coded algorithms written by programmers. They may use some AI, but that’s also written by human programmers. It’s just code and algorithms can be modified to ignore certain content or consider it “less relevant.” Desired results can be coded in.

That’s where the problems start. What should be a legitimate, unfiltered assembly of information becomes a restricted sample of what’s available.

So, you have tech companies colluding with intelligence agencies to collect data and influence public opinion. What else is new? These agencies have been colluding with every form of technology since there’s been technology – from the telegraph to radio to television to the internet.

The thing is, most people walking around have no clue how much they are being manipulated, misguided, and tracked. They take what is shown to them as truth and never question the validity of it. You realize how sadly misinformed folks are when they feverishly defend their view of reality with nothing more than, “I saw it on Google!” 

Recently, Google and Facebook have become much more aggressive in blocking access to information. Removing sites from search results, deleting YouTube videos, and labeling legitimate discussions as “misinformation.” Some folks scream, “This is censorship!” Censorship is your neighborhood library taking half the books off the shelves and only leaving a few that you’re “allowed” to see. The difference is libraries are public facilities maintained with public funds for public use. Even though they have removed a lot of titles from shelves, there is always an opportunity for public debate.

On the other hand, tech platforms are private corporations who have conned millions of people into giving them control of their data. They’ve been using you from day one and you have no say in anything. Your only recourse is to leave the platform.

If you frolic in their playground, you relinquish your right to choose. When you upload a video to YouTube, the uploaded file is owned by YouTube. They can delete it whenever they want. By logging into your Facebook account every day, you are agreeing to give them control of your mind and determine for you what should/should not be seen/shared by you.

As for internet searches, I would suggest trying other search engines. More and more information is coming to light and the “official narrative” is crumbling.  If you are seeking truth, you will find it.


Lance Johnson published an article discussing Google and Facebook’s participation in fueling the virus narrative. It’s published on Here’s an excerpt:

Big Tech – Google, Facebook etc. – are engineering mass ignorance

Imagine what it would look like if a select entity had the power to make entire populations ignorant – ignorant of their own body, mind and immune system. Imagine if people were told they were facing a “new virus” that they knew nothing about, that their body was incapable of facing. Imagine a feat of manipulation carried out en masse — human minds molded, emotions controlled. This is the reality that is being engineered by Big Tech – primarily Google and Facebook. These entities have created platforms of manipulation that are being used to censor out the most important information on the human immune system, leaving populations clueless and weak, so they can be more readily controlled.

Google has a monopoly on data and uses this data to manipulate what people subconsciously interact with online, what they see in advertisements, and what they are allowed to access in searches and news feeds. Google is already more powerful in terms of its control over people’s lives than almost every government on the planet. For example, go to the Google search engine, type in any three digit number followed by “cases.” Virtually every three digit number will pull up multiple stories about that number of coronavirus cases. It’s all about spreading fear of infection, instead of providing knowledge on how people can live normally and give their body what it needs to overcome potential infections.

Google has devolved from an open access search engine, to a manipulative platform of thought control.

According to Google whistleblowers, Google maintains a blacklist, deciding what people can and cannot search for, while burying important information on health topics. Google and Facebook admit they only allow an official narrative to persist on infectious disease. All information that is allowed must be approved and rubber stamped by the World Health Organization.

Dr. Robert Epstein, a behavioral scientist, testified before Congress explaining how Google can use data manipulation and algorithms to manipulate the minds of more than 15 million people in a subsequent election. “And the methods they’re using are invisible, they are subliminal, they are more powerful than most any effects I’ve ever seen in the behavioral science and I’ve been in the behavioral science for almost forty years.”

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