CDC Adjusts Numbers. Um…Ok

I’m sharing a video below posted on AwakenwithJP‘s YouTube channel today.  Sometimes, he’s really funny; sometimes, not so much. This one cracked me up!

He’s spoofing the CDC’s recently adjusted death numbers, which they released last week. Basically, they are saying that only 6% of the 161,000 deaths were from C19 alone. The rest had other health issues and died “with or without C19, flu, or pneumonia.”

These numbers came from what was listed on death certificates. And, we all know that hospitals/doctors have admitted to putting C19 on death certificates regardless of the actual cause of death. This was per the CDC’s instructions.

Keep in mind, the CDC is not a government agency and there is no logical reason to believe anything they publish. The CDC is a private corporation and most of their budget comes from pharmaceutical companies. Those same pharmaceutical companies are racing to come up with a “vaccine” for a virus that hasn’t even been isolated and proven to exist. All we have is symptoms. The symptoms could be caused by toxicity, radiation overload, who knows? Maybe they did release something into the population. The fact is, it didn’t kill us all and there is zero evidence that this “disease” is soooooo deadly and soooooo contagious. For 99% of folks, it’s a non-issue.

If you still can’t see that there was absolutely no justification for shutting down the world and psychologically torturing people for months, I feel sorry for you. There is obviously an agenda and this fake pandemic is/was part of the plan.

Sorry for the rant. Now, have a laugh! He’s really cute. 🙂

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