All That is Necessary…

“This is the most dangerous time in the history of man. The seriousness of this plot cannot be underestimated. It is not due to any threat of conventional war, and it is not due to any threat of nuclear decimation, it is based on the fact that this is a psychological war waged by psychopaths against all mankind, and it is being advanced by a small group of monsters that have taken control of the minds of the masses through long-term indoctrination and policies meant to breed dependency.

Fear is the new weapon of mass destruction, not because it is legitimate, but because the people have lost all will to be free, have lost all ability to think, and seek shelter and comfort as a collective herd only capable of existence in a society that is based on totalitarian rule.”

~ Gary D. Barnett

The excerpt above is spreading around the interwebs. It’s from an article published on in July.  Read it here.

The fact that people are sharing it gives me hope. Maybe we’re reaching a tipping point. We can put an end to this nonsensical insanity in one fell swoop. All we have to do is stand together and resist.

As you go about your day, simply don’t comply with ridiculous “rules.” If it means walking out of a business because you refuse to wear a muzzle, leave and don’t look back.  Go where your patronage is appreciated.  Honor yourself, don’t back down, and never be afraid.

Other Tactics:

There have been dozens of lawsuits filed against the government tyrants  — Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, and Canada, for example. There have also been numerous marches in the past few months, including Berlin, London, Warsaw, and Rome.

If you want to create change, take whatever action you feel is aligned with your spirit. Do it with pure intent and integrity. When you stand in your power, the Universe will always have your back.

The Gary D. Barnett article ended with:

“Longing for freedom without the courage to claim it is a meaningless endeavor, as any real demand by the masses would leave the governing elite naked and afraid. All that is necessary to achieve liberty is to want it, and this alone can defeat tyranny.”

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