There’s a Tide Rising

I was standing outside of the store today, waiting for a ride. There was a woman standing about four feet away talking on her phone. When she finished her call, she looked at me and started saying something. I said, “It’s really hard to understand what you’re saying with that mask on.”

She pulled the muzzle down and said, “Will this ever end?” Assuming she was talking about the pandemic psyop, I said, ‘Not if the media has anything to do with it.’ She put the mask back over her face and started talking again. “Rururururru…Trump…rururu.” I nodded, smiled, and wished her a wonderful day as my ride pulled up. Why can’t people see the insanity of wearing masks?  Some will probably wear them obediently until the TV tells them it’s “safe.”

There is good news: Florida has ended their lockdown Could this be a result of a number of lawsuits?  Then, there’s the woman in Palm Beach who personally served a Notice of Complaint against the Palm Beach Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and County Administrator for violating Constitutional codes.  Pennsylvanians recently won a lawsuit against Governor Tom Wolf.  Also, a  group called Ohio Stands Up! has filed a lawsuit against the State of Ohio. Read more about citizen pushback on the Make Americans Free Again website.

I don’t know if the mainstream media has mentioned any of the above, but folks I’ve talked to haven’t heard a peep. Educate yourself.

It’s pretty clear that those who are the most addicted to TV and social media are the most misinformed, controlled, and afraid among us.  It’s like they ignore everything in real life and live only according to what the media “experts” and “influencers” tell them. It doesn’t matter that they’re healthy or their friends and family are perfectly healthy. They still go through the day under a strange hypnosis; as if at any moment they could be attacked by some invisible, deadly boogeyman.

Still, there is hope. Many health professionals are speaking up. Initially, most were silenced/censored, but now the numbers are growing and not so easily held back. Videos spread quickly and even though YouTube has vowed to remove “problematic” videos containing facts that contradict the WHO, people are still downloading and sharing before the videos get deleted.  There are also several other video streaming sites available; BrandNewTube and BitChute, for example. Folks are also finding a way to share articles on social media, in spite of the “fact checker” bots running interference.

It’s all so ridiculous and disturbing. Does Big Tech truly believe they can block the truth and prevent people from getting information? They may be able to keep the brainwashed in line, but there are too many independent thinkers out there and we are becoming a legion.

We see through the lies. We will not acquiesce to bullshit. We are not crazy “conspiracy theorists.” We are bona fide fact checkers.

Even though the TV-watching public may be sleepwalking through this dystopian construct, the rest of us will continue to fight the battle for truth until we are all free.

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