The Marketing of a Pandemic

The past five months have been disturbing on so many levels. The most painful part has been watching my fellow humans walking around afraid of each other, afraid to hug, afraid to speak, afraid to breathe.

It really hit me hard a few weeks ago. I was going into a store with my father and I refused to wear the mask he gave me. He said, “You’re going to get the disease and give it to us.” I didn’t know how to respond to him. Couldn’t find the right words to say. In that moment, I realized 1) He really thinks there’s some disease out there floating in the air, and 2) If there was a disease, he’s only afraid I’ll pass it to him and his wife; I would merely be an irrelevant “carrier.”

How did we get here? Deep in this global mind-fuck, with governments, corporations, and institutions participating in the most bizarre psychological engineering experiment in the history of humankind.

Creating the Illusion
From a marketing perspective, the plan execution was genius.

1. Come up with a catchy brand name: CoVID-19 (Certificate of Vaccination ID maybe?).

2. Give your brand an ominous little cartoonish icon/logo.

3. Create colorful animations to describe how the “new” virus kills.

4. Saturate the market through every possible channel.

5. Repeat the lie over and over until the masses accept it as truth.

The marketing strategy came together a little too quickly, in my opinion; obviously designed and developed in advance. Almost overnight, every website I went to had a banner at the top “COVID-19…” Every store I walked into had a sign on the front door: “COVID-19…” Every business email I received had “COVID-19” in the subject and message. There were even three-word slogans repeated everywhere, “Flatten the curve.” “Stop the spread.” “Practice social distancing.” “Wash your hands.” “Wear a mask.”  I wondered at the time, Wow, it’s like they all got the same memo with bullet points to push out to the masses. This was/is obviously a coordinated event.

They saturated the planet with fear and confusion. “We don’t know what it is,” they claimed. “Millions will die,” they threatened. Be afraid!

But, Wait
I’ll admit, I was afraid at first. I’ve watched my share of killer virus movies and felt a familiar dread. Surely, there was something making people sick. But a deadly, contagious virus? It didn’t make sense, so I started doing my own research. Early on, there were doctors, scientists, and virologists all over the world speaking out. Outside of the corporate and social media channels, folks have been challenging the engineered panic from day one.

At first, I was thinking that this particular bug was probably tweaked in a lab and introduced into the population. But, in the months since, I’ve come to agree with the opinion of Dr. Robert O. Young and others; that these “symptoms” are not a disease, but our body’s reaction to something in the environment. That’s the only thing that would explain the different symptoms people experience. Your body is battling a threat (toxins, electromagnetic radiation overload, acidic diet, etc.) and the strength of your immune system – and your mind – will determine whether the threat is neutralized or fatal. I truly believe that 5/6/7 G and wireless radiation are triggers and will intensify in coming months, unless we step up.

That’s my belief, and it’s what makes the most logical sense to me. Plus, I haven’t seen any statements that they’ve isolated any actual “virus” or “disease.” All we see is a growing list of symptoms. This makes it completely ludicrous to announce the development of a “vaccine.” Especially one being pushed by a sociopath whose so-called “vaccines” have already killed and maimed hundreds of thousands in Africa and Asia.

Selling Fear
The shutdown, which was pretty much worldwide, was supposed to be for 2-3 weeks to “flatten the curve.” People said nothing as 2-3 weeks turned into a month, then 2, then 3. Meanwhile, the TV-watching public was subjected to psychological and emotional torture 24/7. Actors giving accounts “from the front lines.” Staged scenes of hospitals and body bags. Lies and distortions repeated daily by soulless automatons. Everyone is dying and the virus is coming for you next!

And it wasn’t just TV. I don’t even watch television, but I was still bombarded with headlines on mainstream news sites. Headlines worded to create the most fear and anxiety. The articles themselves were written almost childlike (probably by bots) and there was always a sentence or two that would totally contradict the scary headline. They know that the dumbed-down public won’t actually read an article or look for any facts. Be afraid because we say so!

They were pushing inflated numbers from the beginning. Then, backtracked after the damage was done. It didn’t matter. Some people have been so traumatized by the disturbing images and fake death numbers that they won’t accept anything that goes against their programming.

Maybe you’re saying, “I know someone who died!” If so, I am truly sorry for your loss, but I would respectfully ask if you questioned the doctors. Was your loved one already battling an illness or taking a toxic mix of pharmaceuticals? Were they put on a ventilator? Were you allowed to be with them in the hospital?

Yes, people have died. The majority of deaths occurred in nursing homes, affecting the most vulnerable members of the population. Most were left alone in a room to die, unable to see their loved ones. Many others died in hospitals because they were put on ventilators or given some other inappropriate “treatment.” It’s a well-known fact that 80-90% of people put on ventilators will die. I think what these hospitals did, whether knowingly or due to incompetence, was criminal.

Fact: Millions of people die every year from a number of causes. We’ve never shut down the whole world because of it.

Strangely, it seems that in 2020, a substantial number of deaths have been attributed to COVID-19. Even car accident deaths, gun shot deaths, and suicides have been labeled COVID-19. Why were hospitals ordered to put false information on death certificates?

It’s also strange that, after the CDC website said they downgraded it from pandemic to seasonal flu status, and we expected restrictions to end, there were suddenly “a record number of new cases.” Using a test that is not accurate and adding 100 new “cases” for each test is completely fraudulent and its only purpose is to keep the illusion going.

When folks started pointing out that there were only “cases” and not sickness or deaths, suddenly the headlines changed to “Overloaded Hospitals” and “Rising Death Counts.” When will it end? It seems the plan is to keep this going forever. More lockdowns, more restrictions, more lies.

Muzzles for Everyone
With the truth coming to light and many realizing that the panic was obviously unjustified, why is the pressure on to “mask up” now? The new slogan is “wear a mask, save lives” or something to that effect. There is no logical reason for it, other than mind control of an already tortured populace.

I won’t wear a mask. People in masks make me sad. You can see the fear and pain in their eyes. I can’t understand how someone can be so afraid of dying from some imaginary disease that they’re willing to walk around in 90-degree weather with a piece of cloth over their face, thinking they’re “safe.” Safe from what? Oh, yeah, we’re all infected, especially the so-called “asymptomatic carriers,” right? I mean, really, who is coming up with this stuff?

Predictably, the media jumped on the “maskers vs. anti-maskers” story, once again trying to divide us and make us hate each other. The race war didn’t happen, so now they’re trying to create a mask war, I guess.

Open Your Eyes
This has been a worldwide, coordinated effort to dehumanize and control the population. Orchestrated, just like the staged Floyd incident, the staged BLM protests, the staged riots, and racial idiocy playing on a TV screen or YouTube video near you. All designed to break your spirit, make you feel angry and powerless, and fuck with your mind and emotions.

Free yourself. Disconnect from the matrix. It’s collapsing anyway. Go within and heal your emotional pain. Speak your truth and stand in your power. Question everything. Together, we can rise above this and create a new collective reality, but we can only do it wide awake (and I don’t mean half-assed “woke”). We’re at a crucial point that will determine the future of humanity. Individually and collectively, it’s time to wake the fuck up.

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