The Case of the Bogus Test

Truth is spreading like a wildfire! More and more people are standing up and speaking out, in spite of the corporate/social media attempts to silence truth-tellers.

Why is the media still trying to scare folks with tales of  “shocking” and “unprecedented” case numbers daily? Why are tyrannical governors announcing more lockdowns under the guise of rising cases? They’re not cases. These are healthy people, with no symptoms at all, who received a positive result from a bogus PCR test.

The test is known to be useless, yet it’s still being used on a mass scale to ramp up fear.  There’s a recent article on the Madrid-based DSalud website that calls out the fraudulent test. You can read the English translation on the Philosopher’s Stone website.

Wake up people. Stop being afraid. Do your own research. I’ve even heard of people getting tested one day and the next day, they have flu-like symptoms. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Here’s an interview featuring Reiner Fuellmich, a German lawyer who’s leading a class-action lawsuit against the participants in this global coronavirus fraud. He had a video on YouTube, but it was removed.  In this video, he’s speaking with Patrick Bet-David of the Valuetainment YouTube channel.


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