Reject the Injection

So, the FDA has authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine. What’s the rush? Where’s the emergency? The true emergency will be the number of people who experience extreme reactions or death from the injection. There have already been six reported deaths in the Pfizer vaccine trials, according to an FDA report.  But, with the way they’ve been fudging numbers this year, 6 could really be 600 or 6,000.

Anyone who volunteers for this injection is putting their life in the hands of corrupt, greedy pharmaceutical companies. We don’t know the long-term effects of these shots because…wait…they haven’t done any long-term testing. They’re counting on a gullible, misinformed public to be willing lab rats.

To keep track of the unfortunate volunteers, the FDA has established a committee for “surveillance” of vaccine safety and effectiveness. You can see their working list of “possible adverse event outcomes” below:


Personally, I don’t think this latest push to inject the masses will work. People are wising up to the false reality and fake tests, letting go of the fear, and seeking truth. A growing number of intelligent souls are realizing that there is no deadly, contagious virus; there is no pandemic; and there is surely no logical reason to take a toxic vaccine.

Do your own research, take care of your own health, and ignore the media talking heads and so-called experts.

“The FDA, by spinelessly knuckling under to every whim of the drug companies, has thrown away its high reputation, and in doing so, forfeited our trust.” ~ Drummond Rennie, deputy editor of JAMA

Here’s an excerpt from an article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Pfizer vaccines,“Sausage Making at FDA: How Human Cancer Cells Got Into Vaccines

“The damning safety studies in Pfizer’s late release clinical trial data dump, and the severe (life-threatening) allergic reactions that bedeviled the vaccine’s UK rollout, have raised red flags and public anxiety about the safety of the companies’ mRNA vaccines. Anthony Fauci has addressed growing skepticism about COVID vaccines and the Operation Warp Speed program, by reassuring the public that “VRBPAC” is an “independent panel of leading experts” whom the public can absolutely trust to assure vaccine safety.

In order to help you make your own conclusion about how reliably VRBPAC will protect your health, I excerpt below the transcripts from the cavalier, ignorant and astonishingly unethical deliberations during the 2012 VRBPAC meeting where panelists voted unanimously to allow use of human tumor cells in vaccines. I urge you to read and make up your own mind whether you want to place your health — and perhaps your life — in the hands of these reckless charlatans and irresponsible clowns.”

Read full article.

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