CHD v. FCC Lawsuit

If you follow Robert Kennedy, Jr., you may be aware that he is heading a lawsuit against the FCC, challenging their stance on wireless radiation and 5G implementation. The suit was originally filed in February 2020 by the Children’s Health Defense and the evidentiary brief was submitted at the end of July. The brief includes statements from parents of children who had been injured or died as a result of wireless radiation.

From the brief: “The Commission and its partners have been misleading the public with false assurances based on scientifically refuted standards and measures.”

The proliferation of WiFi technology, the Internet of Things, and the massive deployment of 5G shows a complete disregard for life. Sure, tech is great. It makes some things easier. But when we know it’s causing us harm, we have to draw a line somewhere.

Read the filing.

Find out more here.

I’m looking forward to the court’s response to the FCC lawsuit. Has the corporate media even mentioned this?


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