(S)election 2020 – Showtime!

So, the media says you have a new president. Are you happy? Do you feel vindicated? Are you confident that a demented man with no platform (other than “Not Trump”), whose campaign events were attended by barely a few dozen supporters, could miraculously pull in more votes than any presidential candidate in history?

Think about that. Even if you truly believe that Biden will make your life better, don’t you think it’s all a bit strange?  Maybe not. Maybe you’re too excited that the bad man is being kicked out. You might even be looking forward to nationwide mandatory masks, lockdowns, contact tracing, forced vaccinations, and any other dystopian idiocy that you believe will keep you “safe” from the boogeyman virus.

All year, I’ve been hearing people say, “We have to vote. Get Trump out of office.” The intense hate for the man and the nasty things the media says about his supporters has made me uncomfortable. I don’t support any candidate, but the behavior I’ve seen is disturbing…evil. Where did all of the hate come from? The media, of course. Just like the plandemic insanity, they hijack the minds of the masses with the sole purpose of creating fear, division, and confusion. Those under the spell are unaware that they’re being manipulated like pawns in a game; fighting each other while the chess players in charge make massive moves.

This is not the first case of election fraud. I remember the mass-marketing of Obama – directed by the mainstream media – that had people drooling over him.  Did he turn out to be the savior he was sold as? I think not.

Then, there’s the Bush vs. Gore comedy featuring the infamous “hanging chads.” That’s all I’m going to say about that.

These days, the illusions seem to be unraveling quickly. The energy feels chaotic because so many lies are being exposed. Around the world, people are seeing fraud everywhere. In addition to waking up to the reality of the fake pandemic, many are watching the election sham playing out in the United States. The kind of sham that some have seen in their own country’s elections when U.S.-friendly rulers were installed in the name of “democracy.”

I stopped voting years ago when I realized that (s)elections are rigged. The whole ritual is a joke. The so-called party leaders decide who you can choose from. They con you into thinking that this one is better than that one. It’s all a stupid game show and no matter the winner, we lose. Why do people keep playing? I swear to you, even if no one voted, the show would go on, with the TV talking heads “counting” the pretend votes and declaring a winner.

Mind-fuckery, all of it. This election should make it glaringly obvious to everyone how much of an illusion it all is.

The press whores announced “Biden won” and people obediently ran with it. Even though all of the votes haven’t been counted and there is clear evidence of fraud in a number of key states. But hey, don’t bother thinking for yourself. If we say the sky is green, it’s fucking green, ok?  If you question it, you must be a racist Trump lover.

What’s really mind-boggling and sadder than sad is the number of people who blindly believe whatever they hear and do whatever they’re told to do without asking any questions. Like obedient children who are afraid they’ll be punished if they stand up to Big Daddy. This year has proven how gullible, misinformed, and spineless most people are.

It’s also become clear how much of our reality is controlled. It’s not a new thing that elections are rigged and events are orchestrated. Things are just more in-your-face this year.  And it’s all so ridiculously over-the-top that you can’t help but see through it; as clear as 20/20 vision.

More of us are becoming aware of the extensive web of corruption and lies interwoven in this matrix. Which is why the corporate media and social media platforms are working so hard to keep you from seeing the truth. Squashing this, deleting that, removing URLs from search engines. Desperate moves are being made by whoever is running the show. That tells me their plans are failing.

I don’t know who’s really behind the curtain, but I know that the puppet presidents, prime ministers, and other so-called world leaders that we see dancing on the stage are for entertainment only. Someone/something is pulling their strings as they smile for the cameras and pretend to do what’s best for you.

Here’s a thought: It doesn’t matter who’s sitting in the White House. The same show will keep playing until we wake up and turn it the fuck off.

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